Jemma’s Story – a lot people just grab my wheelchair without asking

I was at York station waiting for my son to arrive from Leeds. When i am suddenly grabbed from behind in my wheelchair and propelled onto a waiting train.I am protesting but the man misunderstands me and says” its okay honey ive got you! Once on the train i am tearful and he has marched off thinking he has done his civic duty.he actually waves at me as he gets off.i am now stuck on a train going God knows frightened, disoriented and have chest pain due to my Angina.I finally get a railway worker to get me off again he is unpleasant and tells me i should of told the man putting me on the train i didnt need i didnt try!
My son arrives to find me in tears and suffering chest pain.
This happens to me a lot people just grab my wheelchair without asking ;and push me across Roads;onto buses/trains into a partially sighted person this is very disorienting and upsetting.
I wish people would please ask first.

Author: Hannah Mason-Bish

Criminologist and Co-Director of Centre for Gender Studies at University of Sussex

2 thoughts on “Jemma’s Story – a lot people just grab my wheelchair without asking”

  1. That is horrible! I’m not in a chair yet, but if I ever get to that stage I’m going to plaster it with decals telling folk to stay the hell away from me! Being in a chair shouldn’t diminish your personhood. I don’t understand that mindset at all. If you want stickers or badges for your chair, this site has been recommended by other users


  2. So sorry to hear these things happen to you. As the daughter of a man who was in a wheelchair for most of his life, I cannot imagine how furious I would be if someone took these liberties with him. I am lucky I never witnessed such a thing, but I do see people acting oblivious towards the disabled on a semi regular basis. One blind and deaf gentleman who used to ride my bus finally starting wearing a sign on his chest that explained he was blind and deaf and would not be able to hear if someone was conversing with him, but that he did not need assistance getting to his stop. I never knew whether to be relieved that fewer people might harass him or bummed that he had to go to such lengths to get people to give him some space while he was just living his life.


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