Sharing Your Story

This project was inspired by the Just Ask, Don’t Grab campaign. Read more about Just Ask, Don’t Grab.

Here are some examples of the sorts of stories that you might like to share

Bronwyn Berg, a wheelchair user who had a stranger forcibly push her wheelchair without consent.

Amy Kavanagh, who is visually impaired and regularly experiences non-consensual touching.

Kiruna Stamell has talked about how people with dwarfism can be treated as objects of ridicule and be touched or picked up by strangers without their consent.

Feel free to write as much or as little as you wish. You might share one experience in particular or more than one. The points below are merely for guidance if you wish to include them:

  • where/when the incident happened.
  • how it felt at the time
  • how you reacted and what followed from it.
  • how this incident fits within the broader spectrum of your experience of non-consensual touching.
  • the impact this has had on your longer term.
  • if you wish, share some information about yourself and your identity such as age; disability; race; gender identity.

To leave your story, either complete a comment below or email me at

All stories will be anonymised before publication, although your story will not be edited.

Please read this information sheet before participating.

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